Dorothée-Myriam Kellou

During the Algerian War of independence, 2.35 million Algerian civilians were forcibly displaced by the French Army and resettled in camps. 1.175 million were forced to leave their home.

In Mansourah, his native village, Malek and his daughter Dorothee-Myriam document this silenced memory, that the youth ignores and was unprecedented in the upheavals it has caused to rural Algeria. Between France and Algeria, Dorothee-Myriam and her father uncover this historical secret.


  • Malek Kellou
    li> image : Hassen Ferhani
  • sound : Mohammed Ilyes Guestal
  • editor : Mélanie Braux
  • assistant editor : VIncent Rinaldi
  • line producer : Youcef Mansour
  • production assistant : Félix Eichholtzer
  • produced by : Mariem Hamidat et Eugénie Michel-Villette


  • In coproduction with HKE Productions et Lyon Capitale tv
  • With the participation of Center for National Cinematography and Procirep-angoa
  • This film was developed in 2015 during a writing residency in Agadir organized by the Africadoc program of Docmonde, thanks to the support of the Rhône-Alpes region. The film will be part of Lumière d'Afrique (Light of Africa) Collection created the association Lumière du monde (Light of the world).
  • The film has received the Brouillon d'un rêve Award SCAM*.


  • Presented at DOCFILM CORNER Festival de Cannes

projections and selections in Festivals

  • Rought cut screening at ParisDOC au Festival Cinéma du réel- Forum des Images, Paris, 26 March 2018
  • Rought cut screening Arab European Documentary Convention in Leipzig, 12-14 April 2018
  • First prize in rough cut workshop at Cairo International Women's film festival


  • First prize for historical film projects at a history festival in France (Les rendez-vous de l'histoire de Blois).
  • First prize in workshop WOMEN IN CAIRO
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