Tout reste à construire

Hadrien Basch

Numerous collectives of architects and planners have emerged in recent years to contribute to a reclama-tion of public space by citizens. It is by testing their tools as architects, by building not “for” but “as resi-dents”, that they intend to fundamentally transform the relationship people have with their own city.
The ten members of the young Collective ETC claim this new dynamic. As they take their neighborhoods in the heart of the Belle de Mai in Marseilles, I move there in turn, and film day after day the practice and the limits of this reinvented urbanism


  • ETC group
  • Director: Hadrien Basch
  • Photography: Hadrien Basch
  • Sound : Krolina Baszyk & Arno Ledoux
  • Editing : Nina Khada


  • Vosges TV
  • Région PACA
  • Procirep – Angoa
  • Ministère de la Culture


  • PROJECTION LE 30 SEPTEMBRE en partenariat avec l'association Les beaux jours au Emmaüs de Strasbourg

projections and selections in Festivals

  • FESTIVAL IMAGE EN VILLE • Aix-en-Provence, en présence du cinéaste