My Paper Life

Vida Dena

Vida Dena’s feature documentary debut is an intimate and subtly expansive portrait of a Syrian family living in a house in Brussels that seldom leaves the confines of its four pink walls. Dena’s film focuses on the two eldest daughters, Hala and Rima, and the family’s growing collection of drawings and dreams. As their colourful sketches come alive, the young women recall their journey and their home, their plans to study and to marry, and what other possibilities they hope this new life might have in store.



  • Creative documentary
  • Belgium, France, Iran
  • 80'
  • 2022
  • Image & sound: Vida Dena
  • Editing: Lenka Fillnerova, Frédéric Fichefet, Sophie Vercruysse
  • Music: Noma Omran
  • Production: Hanne Phlypo (Clin d'œil films) & Eugénie Michel Villette (Les Films du Bilboquet)


  • Vosges TV
  • Cat&Docs
  • Wild Heart Productions
  • Atelier Graphoui
  • CBA - Centre De L'audiovisuel A Bruxelles
  • Shelter Prod
  • Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
  • Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
  • Creative Europe Media of the European Union
  • DGD Belgian Development Cooperation
  • CNC
  • Pictanovo in partnership with the CNC
  • SCAM


  • Visions du Réel • International competition Interreligious Award • Nyon, April 10th & 11th
  • “In this dazzling first film, Vida Dena successfully enhances the fantasy of the world dreamed by these children on the threshold of a new life, through animation. This rare achievement brings together her talents as an artist, storyteller and director, put to music by Noma Omran, the illustrious exiled Syrian singer and composer.” Aurélien Marsais, Visions du Réel

projections and selections in Festivals

  • Visions du Réel • International competition • Sunday April 10th, 16:00 - Grande Salle & Monday April 11th, 11:00 - Usine à Gaz 2


  • Prix interreligieux de la Compétition Internationale de Visions du Réel • Nyon, avril 2022